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Baby Adoption Laws

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Adoption laws vary from state to state, with federal laws also affecting procedures that are connected to the adoption process. If you are considering adopting a baby, you will need to first consult your local laws, and perhaps seek the assistance of an adoption lawyer.

Laws common among all states

The most common adoption law is the law concerning the consent to adoption. This law involves the agreement between a parent or adoption agency to relinquish the child for adoption and to forfeit all rights pertaining to the baby. This consent must be in writing and must be notarized or executed before a judge. There are many provisions regarding adoption that are designed to protect all parties involved.

Laws such as this one make sure that the birthparents are informed of the adoption and that the child is not forcefully taken away from them. They also protect the potential adoptive parents by saving them from unnecessary stress concerning the legality of the adoption process.

Who may adopt?

All states have laws pertaining to who are eligible to adopt a baby. In general, any single individual or a married couple is eligible to adopt a baby. A step-parent may also adopt a child of their spouse. Four states require applicants to be at least of 21 years old in order to adopt a baby, while two states have a minimum age of 25. A few states allow minors to adopt under special circumstances.

Who may place a child for adoption?

In general, any person who has the legal right to give consent for the child may place the child for adoption. These people include the baby's birth parents, legal guardians, and legal entities such as the Department of Social Services. Most states also allow placements by private agencies. These adoptions are known as "private" or "independent" adoptions. One form of private adoption is a birth parent personally placing their baby with a family.

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