Infant Adoption
infant adoption

Private Infant Adoption

Often, prospective parents who wish to adopt an infant find it difficult to reach their goals via the traditional means of using an adoption agency. They then turn to private adoption methods and frequently seek the employ of an attorney to aid them in their pursuit of adopting an infant.

The use of an attorney isnít necessarily required by some states, however, an attorney can make sure that all of the proper legal documents are in order and that the adoptive parents are aware of their rights. In addition, the hopeful adoptive parents also procure an attorney for the birth mother as well. By doing so they are ensuring a much smoother and trouble free adoption process.

When hiring an attorney for the birth mother of the infant that is up for adoption, it is important to make sure that this attorney is not affiliated with, or a member of the same law firm as the attorney being used by the parents pursuing the adoption. Granted, attorneys are bound by laws of ethics yet this will help avoid any future claims of preferential treatment or slanted paperwork in favor of the adopting parents.

Choosing an attorney for an adoption can be as simple as opening the business directory of a phone book and pointing to the first lawyer that has the word adoption in their ad. However, much more research should be put into it prior to actually determining which attorney should handle the adoption itself.

Of course, word of mouth and personal recommendations from friends and family is the most reliable way to be led to a lawyer capable of handling the situation. However, some people do not have this option and need to seek out other ways to obtain information about who would be a good adoption attorney. One valuable way to do this is to contact social services, or similar agency and ask for recommendations. More than likely, without even doing any research, they will be able to name a handful of attorneys they have worked with in previous adoption.

If the adoptive parents are the party securing an attorney for the birth mother, then it is equally important to use the same due diligence for her as well. The most important thing to remember is that the more effort put into finding good legal help, the more efficiently the adoption will go. A smooth and quick adoption will be beneficial for all parties involved, particularly the infant, and will allow for lives to move forward sooner.

Most importantly it is imperative that parents seeking to adopt an infant become extremely familiar with the adoption laws within their particular state. Again, the use of an attorney for both the adoptive parents and the birth mother lowers the risk of any future litigation in regards to the adoption of the infant.

With that being said, if you are seeking to adopt or are the birth mother of an infant up for adoption and do not want to deal with some of the regulations that bind adoption agencies then get in contact with a competent adoption attorney and he or she will guide you capably through the adoption process.
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