Infant Adoption
infant adoption

Single Parent Infant Adoption

In the not so recent past if you were a single person with the hopes of adopting an infant and went to an adoption agency with your request, you would have been unilaterally turned down. It just wasn’t something that was done and single parent infant adoption was actually something frowned upon.

However, with the change in times also comes a change in views of who or who is not a capable prospective adoptive parent. There are leagues of men and women who have the desire, the compassion and the resources to capably raise and nurture a child whom they adopt. These days infant adoption to single parent homes has given thousands children the opportunity to live in a stable and reliable home.

The reasons a single person would want to give up their freedom as a single person in favor of adopting an infant are both complex and many. The urge to raise is child is an innate feeling, one that is naturally born within human beings. This is perhaps the strongest urge that would lead single men and women down the path of adoption. Others feel they can be of greater assistance to the child that government placement can offer infants given up for adoption. Loneliness can also be a factor in the decision as well, however, it must be noted that this cannot be the sole reason a single person would opt to adopt an infant.

A person looking to be the single parent of an adopted infant has a few more obstacles to hurdle than the stereotypical husband and wife looking to adopt. The biggest obstacle may actually be friends and family who do not understand why anyone would want to undertake the massive responsibility of raising a child on their own. Regardless of whether or not they agree with the decision, it is important to not alienate them as they are an integral part of become an adoptive parent.

For a single person to be approved to become an adoptive parent of an infant they must display the ability to provide a solid support system. This means the easy presence and accessibility of friends and family who can act in the stead of the single adoptive parent in the event of illness or tragedy. It is important to adoption agencies and government agencies alike that singles wishing to adopt infants have a strong network around them

Single men face even further difficulties than single women. They are often asked extremely intimate questions in regards to their sex life and their motives may be taken into question Single men who seek infant adoption and qualify for adopting are often turned down simply because of the stigma attached to the situation.

For single parents it is vital to seek out any resources and information they can acquire. Joining parent groups is a valuable way to network and learn about agencies, social workers and any other pertinent information required to get the adoption process under way. In addition, another valuable way for prospective single adoptive parents to gain knowledge is to start corresponding with other singles who have found success in adopting an infant.

Research and making sure all bases are covered is the surest way for a single person to become a single parent of an adopted infant. Having all the information possible prior to arranging a meeting with an adoption agency or beginning the journey of an independent adoption will go a long way to making the road less bumpy.
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