Infant Adoption
infant adoption

The Differences Between Foster Care and Adoption

by: Romain Levesque

There are many differences between adoption and foster care.They Range from trivial to quite significant.When a child is adopted,and post placement visits have happened,a social worker will no longer have to be a guest in your home on a regular basis,as a matter of fact that becomes unneccesary.The child will now have your last name.You will no longer have to have the authority of an agency,for religious,medical,nor schools.Medical treatments will now be at your discretion. All these things are now up to you.The myraid of other parenting matters can be decided upon, without someone looking over your shoulder.The child is now entitled to all things great and small,the same as a birth child.Example,a share of your estate,equal to that of your birth children.You will from ,this day forward be reonsponsible for the childs welfare,until the age of majority,and you will be liable for his or her actions according to the law.

When you adopt a foster child,especially one who has been with you for an extended amount of time,both you and the social worker should help the child to understand the differences in the circumstance.It is a good idea to help a child by making a life history book or diary.As well as making a celebration of the change from foster child to adoptee,in some symbolic action.Such as a family get together ,to welcome the child by all exteneded family memebers. So that the child may perceive the significance of his or her new situation. Children who have been moved around alot from foster home to foster home,may not see what all the fuss is about,but it should be made perfectly clear that adoption from foster care is a major change in their lives.A life changing event for them,and for yourself.A special party or celebration,a family ceremony.The sending of an announcement proclaiming the child is now a welcomed member of your family.These are all possible ways to mark the adoption.

Ask your child,and other family members what they would like to do to commemorate this milestone.

When you adopt,you should incorporate the childs birth family experiences,and background,and possibley former foster care situations,into your family lore.You must honor the childs birth heritage,and positive memories and expound upon them.If the past involved abuse or neglect,especially sexual abuse,you should consider receiving special training to understand how those experiences can and will affect a child in later stages of their lives.If the child will have contact with birth or former foster care family members,you should consider how visiting or corresponding will work within your own family situations.

If you adopt a child who has special needs eighter as a result of genetics or as a result of past experiences,or a combination of the two,you will have to deal with these ongoing issues.Adoption subsidies can help with financial aspects of raising children especially those with special needs; You should also know what other resources are made available to you.

The central issue in changing your role from that of foster care to that of adoptive parents is that of reiterating your deeper attachment to the child as a full life time commitment.

Are you ready,willing,and able to see this child through to adulthood? Are you ready to give him or her all the opportunities and burdens that being a memeber of your family requires?

Can you see this child as a part of your life long into the future?To achieve you and your social worker should examine the strengths and needs of your family,and community,Evaluate the impact of adding this particular child to your family on a permanent basis.This is what making and informed decision is all about.

Hopefully, the agency you are dealing with ,will walk you through the process of evaluating the strengths and needs of the child, and your family.To decide if permanent placement with your family,is in all of your best interests.

If you do decide to adopt your foster child,become aware of the large adoptive parent, and professional support networks that exist.You will definately not be alone.There are adoptive family support groups all over the U.S. that provide forums for discussion,friendship,and mutual assistance.Adoption conferences either locally or regionally,and also nationally,offer additional learning opportunities.Literature exists on all relevant topics of adoption from foster care.

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